Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I may be fat....

The other night when my husband came to bed, he shook me awake and complained about my snoring and promptly rolled over and started sawing wood to beat the band.  It was so loud that I clicked on the TV and then couldn’t hear it for his volume.  He doesn’t usually snore, but when he is sick he will roar like a tiger.   Well this morning he announced as he was leaving for work that he is getting a cold.  Bless. 

So, after 30 minutes I moved to the couch, fell fast asleep and woke in the morning with painful fingers that were so swollen that they blanched.  I tried to get off my wedding ring and was unable to do so.  I figured I would land in the ER later in the AM to borrow the ring cutter.  After doing dishes and having a hot bath I was able to tease the ring from my finger and put it promptly in my jewlry box.  Okay, so now I have to admit that I may be fat.  At least fatter than I was when I got married.  I examined myself in the mirror without my reading glasses mind you, not so bad….tomorrow I may have the guts to repeat my examination with my spectacles on.