Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aunt Betty RIP 10-14-2010

My Aunt Betty passed away this afternoon.  She had suffered much the last few months as Alzheimer’s stole her mind and a fractured hip with all the associated complications took her body.  She was surrounded by her beloved husband, daughters and son.  She was loved and cherished as every woman desires, it wasn’t perfect, but it was all hers.  I think of Uncle Martin so sad to lose this woman who had given his children life, and given him friendship, love, and a relationship that made it through all the tests of time.  He is left to morn her, what she was and what she became.  Sometimes it seems that in the end in order for your mate to let you go, there must be suffering.   I carry them in my heart this day, that the Father of all has his sweet Betty beside Him in all her Glory!  Amen!

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