Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Father Vernon

We have a dear friend, who is a priest.  It is a tough job, and he does it with such vigor and absolute joy!  A job steeped in tradition and the gems of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. 

Father gave his homily on prolife issues from cradle to grave and everyone sat on the edge of their seats, no mindless hand picking witnessed, from the youngest to the older folks, as I looked about I was amazed how everyone was hanging on his every word.  He spoke of the love of his own mother to give him life, and how life begins as all scientists agree at conception, not birth and how miraculous this GIFT of life is and mirrors the love of our Savior and God.  He spoke of the battle of good and evil and how it is our duty, each of us to support the value to all life.  He spoke of the physically ill and of our duty to them, and was specific to not denying, those able; food and water and how this is such a dangerous topic for those without a voice. 

On the ride home there was lots of life going on in the back seat, giggling, wiggling, seat kicking and generalized nonsense and I was struck with awe at the privilege that God picked me to be their mom and love them as all I can love, to teach them what is right, and to be an example to them of how to honor God in all things. 

Recently, I had an outpatient procedure and my well meaning doctor showed my husband my negative pregnancy test that is done routinely on all women preoperatively of childbearing years.  He smiled at my husband in a, “whew….you dodged the bullet this month” sort of way.  He had no idea of our missed pregnancy 2 years ago, and how both Joshua and I grieved at the loss of a precious baby that we had created in our Marriage Covenant with God.  I have been very blessed through our marriage that my own husband has been so open to all life in our household.  He has always been delighted by our news and with two miscarriages held my hand and lifted me up in prayer and presence. 

We are blessed by our friend, that visits his own parents in Brevard every year, and they so graciously share him with us.  He brings a message of encouragement and peace.  We feel a great privilege to call him Padre, friend, brother, and confessor.  These are times of moral crisis, and he is encouraging, mentoring, and yelling, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” 

Go, Father…Go!

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