Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dad's are forever

We set up camp at a friend's camp ground Sunday after church, and settled in for some fun on the river for Memorial Day.  I had worked until 3:30 that morning, so I was dragging a bit, and my husband kicked into high gear and set up both tents and all the odds and ends.  He and the children swam in the French Broad River until they were all exhausted and positively happy to the bone.  After dinner, I went back to work for a 7P-11P short shift to return to bed down with the family.  Early that morning it started to rain....drizzling at first and then the flood gaits opened.  We went to breakfast at 6:45AM, and went back after to finish packing up the wet tents.  After arriving home, everyone was so cheerful and happy...not exactly what I expected after 24 hrs of lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of rain.  I had to run back to the hospital for several hours to work on my Pear report and upon my return trip home I heard a program from Focus on the Family about a gentleman remembering his father and his great love for him and just how pivotal his relationship with his Dad had been.  He related all his success and failures to this first true relationship of love.  I immediately thought of my own husband and the relationship he has with his own children, our children.  How he regularly cries thinking of them, their successes, their struggles, their lovely ways, and the gift they are to us.  My husband spends every weekend caring for our small brood, as I work at the hospital to help ends meet and get a dose of humanity outside of our home and continue my lifelong ministry of nursing.  I never had to remind him to "feed the children", or to get them to bed on time.  He sees to every need, like a mission and he delights in the small special moments.  This radio program brings me back to center, and stills the pendulum of my busy life to see the miracle that is my spouse.  He nearly died two years ago, and I would be living a very different reality and my children would miss their Father forever, as I am MOM and he is DAD.

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