Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Friday, May 28, 2010

Forever 26

Okay...seriously, when I am not near a mirror I swear I am 26.  You heard me right, 26, not 36!  It blows my mind when I have trouble doing a cartwheel in the yard with the kids...or climbing up the stairs of my kid's tree house...why is this hard...oh yea, "I'm 44."  Crazy.  When I'm 70 will I still be 26 in my head?  When does this change.  Now I'm officially the age of my dear mother when I thought her officially OLD.  Am I old?  No...but definitely middle aged, but the soul is still a young girl.  My daughter said to me the other night that I am too old to have a baby.  She is just mimicking my mantra, but still I paused and said, "Hey...I'm not old."  Yes, another of life's paradox.  When does the soul and body reconcile to the same age grouping?  Not sure, I will let you know if this ever happens.  Until then, I cartwheel away....when no one is looking of course.

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