Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Blessings

Just had a wonderful Father’s Day with all parties, two terrific Dads….My own Father and the Father of my children.  We had brunch with my dear ole Dad and BBQ dinner with my wonderful husband and all four children.  We hailed Grandpa at Brunch and of course the funniest “Spanking” stories were drug out of the closet.  They reappeared funny as ever and we laughed together remembering the twice my Dear Ole Dad had to spank us children as he mostly left the discipline to my mom.  We knew he always had her back! Both instances our Mother was off do gooding, and left my father to manage all 5 children which he did kindly and sweetly.  He worked hard, an executive at Xerox and he was home by 6 in his three piece suit, and often would drop in his recliner fully dressed with paper in hand he would nod off and we would tiptoe around him, not being instructed in any way to leave him alone; but out of respect for his labors.  His only interruption was my youngest sister Ruthie, a preschooler, who would back into his lap with a book insisting to be read a story by her favorite person, Dad.

After returning home from a lovely brunch at my parents, we all had naps/quiet time and then Joshua was out at the dirt track with the boys practicing one of their favorites, dirt biking.  Everyone came back full of smiles, Joe collected eggs from the chicken coop while Joshua and Matty cleaned up the bikes and put everything away neatly and with great care.  My husband has always been a maintainer of his things.  He believes everything has a place and should go directly there after a thorough cleaning, of course.  His hammer is never misplaced and his tape measure is always exactly where it should be.  I love this man, and I love the way he is teaching our boys to be men.  Many blessings this Father’s Day!

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