Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Friday, June 18, 2010

YMCA Camp Week

My children are at last home, seems like a lifetime without their noises in the house.  My sister Ruth decided our children should go to the YMCA camp in Hendersonville, she had a plan.  The children would go to camp Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM and she would drop off and pick up and have my three boys spend the night for the week so I didn’t have to drive to Hendersonville twice a day.  You know when a plan is coming together…sounds great…..I can get some painting done.  Next week I’ll have her crew for several days while she goes to a conference.  Our children are finally at the age, where going to Aunt Tracey’s house is big fun. 

Little did I know that the Sinus infection that I have been fighting for the last month with high powered antibiotic is still alive and well?  I showed up in my Allergists office before business on Wednesday and he graciously saw me first thing, and then went to ENT office for a mini head scan of my sinuses.  The machine was so small and resembled a panorex, I was sitting straight up for the scan.  Then back to the Allergist, and as I walked in the phone was ringing, it was said Allergist and he said, go back; your scan is terrible and you need to see the surgeon.  So now I have to tell my boss….not looking forward to that, still putting it off.  Back on antibiotic and high doses of steroids, my husband groans as the steroids make me aggressive.  A wonderful trait in a sumo wrestler, terrible in a wife and mother; but I digress. 

So I went to pick up the children, and met my sweet and wonderful husband downtown for a little family fun.  Gracie barely made it…..DOA.  More fun than her 4 year old self could keep up with at grandma’s house.  She had a week with her grandparents and now thinks they will be terribly lonely without her 0700 ready to go self.  My parents enjoyed their time, but they were probably in bed by 8PM.  I don’t blame them, but with these steroids I’m not sleeping and it’s starting to make me a little crazy, on the up side I am getting so much done.  At some point I’ll just fall down.  Tomorrow it’s bathrooms and laundry, or maybe later this evening? 

The bottom line is, kids are home, husband is too and home is definitely where the heart is!

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