Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Oh my goodness, I'm finally figuring this format out.  Not bad for a 40 something year old?  Spoke with 2 of my 4 sisters today, kinda makes me sad not to hear from everyone during the week, Melbur is the most elusive.  Maggie second, only because she is managing being a newlywed, having two homes for sale, and trying to get in a volleyball game or two.  All of my siblings are so important to me, all in very different ways.  At times, some are easy...and then not so much.  But always they are precious to me.  The sisters that also have children are easier, because we share the same daily grind....but gosh when we get together it is noisy.  A great kind of noisy! Our children dearly love each other and nothing is more fun than the cousins.  My cousins were always 24 hrs drive or more away, so it is so nice to have family so close.  My sisters need no explanation on what makes me joyful or what makes me sad, I don't have to describe my childhood or who my parents are....but I am amazed at how very differently we relay the same events.  Our family had two sets of kids...the big girls and the babies.  I was the oldest....a member of the big girls.  I led when they would follow.  I listened, and housed several as they made their way through college, my young adult life was full of fun and had a sister in every adventure.  As we have grown, we have grown closer but you can bet at the next family dinner you will see us revert to our family "role".  I thank my parents regularly for the gift of my dear sisters and they are built in best friends.  I love you, Melbur, Monica, Maggie, and Ruthie!
                                                                 The Cousins Easter 2010


  1. awe...drip, drip...I know what you mean! Speaking as one of the easiest sisters, it can be a trial, but worth every bit of precious time, right ;)...jk, jk!
    Love to all my sisters!

  2. hey where is my commemt? Is everyone's name highlighted or just my own when I read it? Do I need to get some meds for "the internet knows who I am and is tracking me?" Tell me I am the normal sister!